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Channel Four NewsTeam is a Skywall guild committed to providing a positive home for anyone interested in Mists of Pandaria. Both casual players and hardcore raiders are encouraged to join our ranks. Whether you're leveling to 90, interested in Challenge 5 mans, or intent on pushing end-game raid content, we would be honored to have more positive members and their friends and family.

Both the Guild Master and Raid Master have been raiding end-game content since it was available in vanilla warcraft. We have been in numerous raiding guilds including Eternal Union, Disconnected, and Dark Descent. Most recently, our raid master led Dark Descent through the end of Cataclysm heroic content. We have participated in every end-game raid since Molten Core, and intend to continue that with our own guild.

While we find raiding to be fun, please don't think it's a requirement for guild status. We want to reward all of our guild members, and we will strive to bring this guild to the excellence we have experienced in the past.

Guild Guidelines
While we are happy to make room for anyone interested in joining us, we do have a few simple rules that we think help make the guild a better place for our members.
1. Absolutely no begging for gold, from members or the guild bank.
2. You will keep the guild in good standing on skywall and will not publicly troll anyone on the server.
3. You will treat all guild members with respect and handle confrontations privately.
4. If you decide to raid with us, it is your responsibility to prepare yourself for raiding. It is not the guild's responsibility to gear you.
5. During scheduled raiding you will not complain about lack of participation for your leveling or 5man needs.
6. Use the guild bank respectfully.

Thanks, I look forward to seeing you in game,
-Boh (GM)
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Web site and new guild name live!

bohdeath, Sep 16, 12 1:51 PM.
We have officially changed the guild name and look forward to building its reputation on Skywall.
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